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Coil Strut Spacers-25mm Hilux /FJ/Prado (pr)


Roadsafe Coils Strut Spacer - 25mm Hilux 05-on /FJ Cruiser/Prado 120/150 Coil Strut Spacers are the ideal way of generating lift on vehicles with strut front ends. The Coil Strut Spacer kits include a pair of coil strut spacers and all the fitting hardware (studs, nuts etc.) The Strut Spacers are designed for vehicles running standard coil springs in the front. If your vehicle is fitted with extra weight such as winch, bull bar etc., and it is weighing the front end down, then a strut/spring upgrade is recommended.

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Product Specification

Lift: 37mm

Part No. CSSHIL25